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Ink drawings & poetry by Claire Lee

14 Oct - 11 Nov 2017

Enlightenment III_Claire LEE_ink and holes on paper_49x36.7cm
The Diaspora I_Claire LEE_ink and leads on paper_41x32cm
Calming of a Bison (detail)_Claire LEE_Ink,chalk and bitumen paint on paper_85x62cm
Elegy for Mother Earth I_Claire LEE_Ink and bitumen paint on paper_13x20cm
Tears of Fear II_Claire LEE_Ink and charcoal on handmade cotton rag acid free paper_30x21cm
The Awakening (detail 1)_Claire LEE_ink on paper_47x188cm
The Awakening (detail 2)_Claire LEE_ink on paper_47x188cm
Birds in Darkness (detail)_Claire LEE_ink, holes and threads on paper_22x72.5cm

" There is a raw and powerful energy in bison’s muscular and imposing physical appearance; at the same time there is also fragility and calmness with it. I have been to see some in person; it was breathtaking to feel such huge creatures move by so close, with their large heads almost touching the ground and their humps rising above their great, forward thrusting shoulders.

Calmness, yet also a kind of dormant strength radiates from them when they quietly move. There is an atmosphere of majesty, earnestness, tenderness and peace – an impression of immensity that is difficult to express without experiencing by being in their presence. It is both therapeutic and blissful experience.

The spiritual experience touched me. A deep feeling of sorrow and compassion came over me when I recognized our souls' reflection in these beautiful beasts; I feel echoes of the sufferer and of humanity’s experience in a brutal and manipulative World. But I also felt a warm sensation grow in my heart - the simultaneous qualities in bison of power and vulnerability relate directly to the human condition.

This collection expresses the inner turmoil of the bison on my ink drawings, along with my intimate poetry on conversation with myself, to explore and reveal compassion and beauty in the imperfectness. From the bison’s bold physicality, developing to abstract mindscapes, the journey represents a search in emptiness and seeks for spiritual awakening. 

In the later stage of my drawings, there are no more bison or forms but a true unity of body and mind. It comes to a beautiful void, an open mindfulness. Awakening is courage to face, embrace and release the truth of a heart and its real needs."

Claire Lee, 2017.

Claire Lee studied curatorial at the Hong Kong Art School. Her drawings, paintings and photography works drawn to subjects dealing with psychological struggles and personal strength, and offers in her poems and artworks a vision of the world full of contrasts. 

Claire started exhibiting in various solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong in 2009 and later on exhibited overseas including Japan, Taipei and U.S.A. Her work was shortlisted and exhibited at art museums. 

In 2016, her research based collection Under Pressure was presented in Hong Kong Art Central. Claire has been publishing her poetry and giving readings at forums and collaborative events. 
Since 2016, she works in the UK and Hong Kong. 





野牛雄偉強壯的身體外觀展示一種強大和原始的能量; 同時帶着一份脆弱和靜。


我親身前往觀察牠們; 野牛巨大的頭幾乎接觸地面,向前推的強壯肩膀上方隆起了英偉的駝峰。跟這樣生動的巨物如此靠近令我感覺攝人心魄。

當牠們靜靜移動時, 有一份廣大的潛藏力量會從牠們身上散發出來。是一種威




這份精神體驗觸動了我。我靈魂深深的感到悲傷和一份惻隱之心。當我在這些美麗的野獸前作出謙遜反思時; 我感到受苦者和人性在這個殘酷和操縱的世界中沉重的迴響和呼叫。但溫暖感亦在我的心內滋養增長。野牛強大和脆弱的同步素質直接聯想到人類現今壓抑的精神狀況。


在這個覺醒系列, 我的水墨圖紙作品幻想野牛在動蕩的世界中展現的身心變化, 由具體演變到抽象的精神上; 野牛勇敢的跟我一起尋求精神覺醒。同時我的詩以一身角度與內心進行親密對話並探索不完美中的美麗和予人性之同情。後期的畫作再沒有野牛的軀體,而是身和心的真正統一達至美麗的虛空,一個完全開放的正念。覺醒是一份勇氣去再次面對, 擁抱並釋放內心深處的真實和需要。


李美蓮, 二〇一七年, 英國







關於李美蓮 :


李美蓮是一位詩人及視覺藝術家(作品載體有繪畫,多媒體及攝影)。她從設計學校畢業,後於香港藝術學院學習藝術策展。李美蓮的作品熱衷於探究心理掙扎和個人力量的主題,她的詩和作品充滿着世界的對比, 反差與矛盾。


李美蓮於2009 年開始在香港展覽自己的作品並在不同的畫廊和藝術空間舉辦個展。往後台北, 一些美國和日本的博物館把她的作品列入聯展。


於2016年她在香港Art Central展出以「壓力」為題的研究個人展覽。她亦出版詩集並在多個論壇進行交流與演讀。



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