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Anne Leigniel residency

2~16 December 2017

Wall Cycle program / performances here

AL Wall Cycle 4 solo
AL Wall Cycle 6 solo
AL Wall Cycle 7 solo
Wall solo day 4 GALMICCI
Wall solo day 5 HIFUMI
Wall solo day 6 IVY MA
Wall solo day 6 KOLLBERG
Wall solo day 7 DOREEN CHAN
Wall solo day 8 LIO CHEUNG
Wall solo day 8 GERARD HENRY
Wall solo day 9 RAMEAU
Wall solo day 11 XS

“During this 2 weeks residency, I will paint daily on a 5 meters long wall. The successive layers represent a cycle of creation, each layer transforming then erasing the previous one. After a few days, I will invite local artists to join me daily for a few hours to paint, draw, interfere on the wall the way they want. My guest’s works, as well as mine, will leave their traces on the wall. This traces will disappear under new ones, as it goes. This ephemeral layers will be photographed daily, all the images being assembled in an animation.

The Wall is the story of the residency. It is where the traces of 15 days of successive works are stored, one under the other one. A the end of the experience, after days of successive layers, The Wall will slowly go back to white.
On the very last day, a projection of the animated images will be shown on the newly white wall.                                                                 

It is a total upheaval of my habits, and I am looking to be inspired by the place, and by the change of my habits.

The artistic residency is a given time in a given place dedicated to creation.

It is a time of reflection, of research, not necessarily a time of production, but a time "reserved".  A parenthesis.

These 15 days of non stop creation are a challenge that I give myself and that goes against my usual way of working. This challenge corresponds to a game of unknown means of creation to get out of the comfort zone that we sometimes reach with the "creative routine. This is an opportunity to jostle a bit and have fun as freely as possible by promoting meetings.”

                                                                                                                        Anne Leigniel, London, September 2017

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