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For its last evening before summer break, CHARBON invites you to a special evening featuring a dance recital : serie of short dance performances curated by Alice Rensy and created specifically by choreographers Christina Gouzelis, Yang Hao, Alice Rensy & Cherry Zhang for dancer Josh Serafin.

Josh Serafin will go very far, for sure. He is so strong and radiant. In 2014 he was spotted among APA students to perform a solo choreographied by Bruno Isakovic and presented at Spring Hong Kong. He was only 19. Since then he has worked with great artists such as Eisa Jocson, Adrian Reid Wong and Ming Wong.
He has been selected this year, out of thousands, to join PARTS, the worldwide best school of contemporary dance based in Brussels. This amazing boy will be the first student from the Philippines to study in PARTS !

Coming from a poor family of Bacolodnon, he needs help to pay his flight tickets, study fees and everyday life next year in Brussels. CHARBON is happy to share this last evening of the season with Josh and to help him : the money raised during this event, thanks to your generosity, will be entirely donated to Josh's fundraising. 

Join us, watch him, have fun, share drinks and talks with artists and together let's send Josh towards his future.

Free admission, registration  HERE

More about Josh HERE


by Josh Seraphin

Friday 1st July 2016


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