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MARMITE fun literary salon #2

a journey into the sence of smell

20 June 2017  7pm~8.30pm

Once a month Caroline and Lalie invite literature, poetry, theatre and good words lovers to gather in the comfort of Charbon Art Space. Please join us with the envy to debate, play, tremble, laugh and listen according to the days. Alternatively in English and French, these meetings will be hold on Tuesdays, once a month (program and themes available on Facebook  and on Free entrance, RSVP on

MARMITE # 2 (in English)

A journey into the sense of smell


is a blending of literature, theatre, experimentations and youkulele, together with a heavy taste for discussion, sharing and a serious need for unfettered imagination.


Stir, explore, cook on low fire once a month 

on Tuesday evenings, and spice it up 

with any last moment inspiration. 

Instantly consume after defrosting.

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