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WE TALK ABOUT YOU : presentation of a pictorial and choreographic work and discussion with Nathalie Rothkoff and Alice Rensy
The fates of the parents permeate our lives. Intergenerational scars are sometimes told, sometimes hidden. Sometimes they reappear in tears, even happy ones.
Twenty years ago Nathalie Rothkoff started to paint about dissimulation. Stage designer from 1980 to 1991, she is passionate about contemporary dance.
Alice Rensy, a playwright and contemporary dance producer, attempts to support the emergence of new forms of dance with many artists.
Doing a one month residence together at CHARBON, they drafted a work combining live performance and painting, a project that emerged during the past decade.

More about Nathalie Rothkoff here



28 FEBRUARY 2016, 6.30pm

dance painting experimental performance by Alice Rensy & Nathalie Rothkoff

After one month residence at CHARBON, meetings and exchanges with choreographer

Alice Rensy, Nathalie Rothkoff & Alice Rensy present an experimental cross dance-painting performance. Free admission, mandatory registration with tickets online here

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