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From Spain to HK for one day only, dancers and choreographers 

Laura Aris-Alvarez and  Álvaro Esteban.


CHARBON / TU YING production, from an Alice Rensy's proposal.



* Open Wound performance by Laura Aris-Alvarez
* Short improvisation performed by two former students of Laura : Tracy Wong and Sarah Xiao
* Duet by Laura Aris-Alvarez and Alvaro Esteban.


Show starts at 6.30  / Tickets here  /  Enquiry: here

In delicate balance, when a couple of words, a gesture, a snap, a shift, a casualty or coincidence, when a simple whisper can tip  the scales. Sometimes our reference points disappear, leaving only guts, the visceral.

An emotional reflexion about the natural sadness of broken things. Any given morning that the pieces of the puzzle doesn't fit like they once did. A physical journey to  the present  to realise that the past  does not come back.


Laura Aris Alvarez is a performer, choreographer and recognised international teacher. Her performing experience includes a decade as a formal member of the renowned Belgium dance Company Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez. For the past five years she has been working as a freelance artist developing her own creative practices.

She is regularly guest artist at festivals and art universities such as: Impulstanz Vienna in Austria; PARTS Performing Arts Research & Training Studios in Belgium ; SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance ; Korean National University of Arts Seoul ; Festival Deltebre Dansa in Spain; Atelier Transformation in Montreal and Studio 303 in Montreal , among others.




Graduated in major of contemporary dance from Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma (ES). After years of working under the baton of different choreographers, companies and several choreographers, he begins to discover his personal movement supported by self-awareness techniques and meditation, giving emphasis to the development of awareness, all physical, emotional and energetic sense.

Today he is part of the team of companies as Cia. Daniel Abreu (ES) and CocoonDance (DE).




Laura Aris-Alvarez & Alvaro Esteban 

14 January 2016, 6.30pm

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