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Annika Neon has over 30 years experience as a palm reader offering advice as a therapist and healer in both English and Japanese.  Other mediums of expertise include feng-sui, horoscope, and colour therapy.  She's provided columns and events for women's lifestyle (ELLE online) , and bilingual magazine (Nonstop English Wave), as well as TV programs such as "Uta-ban (1996-2010)" for which she offered horoscope readings of top singers in Japan like Ms. Tomomi Kahara. Her list of international VIP clients include top athletes, artists, entertainers and businessmen.

Neon has been invited to events in the U.S., Europe and Japan and is available for special appearances at PR and VIP events.  

From Tokyo to HK for two nights only, fortune teller (also TV personality & columnist in Japan)

Annika Neon will be meeting guests for palm reading on 14 & 16 January 2016

Thursday 14 January : short palm reading sessions (10mn) from 6 to 9pm / tickets here


Saturday 16 January : complete palm reading sessions (45~50mn) from 12 to7pm / tickets here

Enquiry here

Do you beleive ?

Over decades of gaining wisdom through palm reading,

and giving advicefor one's future and past...

I am from here, but there transcending time and space

I have travelle afar and connected with wanders...


Seen the fate in the hands of many from great politicians,

famed business leaders, celebrities and athletes...


Whether young or old, man or woman,

I shall assist you with that lies dormant...


Always remember, as Caesar once said :

the fate is not in the stars, but in ourselves


Your life is but your own...


Annika Neon


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Annika Neon great palm reader and astrology master from Tokyo, Japan

14 & 16 January 2016

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