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16 May 2018, 7.30pm

Duration : 3h55mn / Free entrance / Mandatory registration  here

ATLAS is the latest film of Antoine d'Agata. A slow and deep journey through the words of 23 women, 23 prostitutes from all over the world met during the artist's wanderings.

Traveling the world, the photograph sets his goal in front of almost immobile models whose slightest gestures become a cataclysmic stroke. Often naked and prostrate, hesitating between ecstasy and suffering, the bodies are nothing but the witnesses of themselves. Attached to his images are monologues, written and told by prostitutes. The accumulation of words - of great literary strength - becomes the most fascinating and cruel litany. The words and the flesh seem to form only one, while the spectator sinks into the twilight of sense. There is no overarching speech, no pity, no hatred, no love, just a dark gracefulness as the raw echo of the world. One comes out distraught, but grown up.


Important announcement 

ATLAS is a long and thrilling film. We hope to show it in its entirety as that is how it takes all its meaning and reveals itself as a transcendental experience. Our audiences are not required to stay throughout the 4-hour projection. Everyone can do it at one's own rhythm, walk out when desires, interrupt the experience and return as pleased.

Our only request is that everyone respects each other's experience by moving freely but as discreetly and silently as possible. Thank you!

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