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Christophe Bonacorsi paintings & sculptures

4~9 November 2014

OFF SITE exhibition at the space 
210 Hollywood road. Sheung Wan. Hong Kong

CB autoportrait S
PK Bonacorsi Assis Baba lune
Petit Paysage Christophe
Baba Skulls Web
Noir 3 crânes
Wang Keping S
Yellow Skull

Christophe BONACORSI  lives and works in Paris. Since 1995, his painting obeys a strict rule, the exclusive use of the color black. His impressive studio in Montreuil  is full of his black production. Only working one pigment, this unique and captivating deep black matt, he asks, infinitely, the meaning, the weight, the soul and the end of us through bodies, faces, dogs lost or found in his black universe matt and radical. He thus attempts to express the inexpressible, the ineffable, which is impossible to represent. It goes beyond the painted image to go to the paint itself. His works are huge black shades that invite us to dive to the deep of the texture.

"The work of Bonacorsi has a deep inner truth and without apparent seduction, contains a great plastic beauty."                                                                                                                         Nelly Gabriel , art critic
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