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Drama play from the novel by François Bégaudeau

adapted by Fabrice Michel / actor : Erick Deshors / director : Fabrice Michel

videao & sound creator : Christophe Tostain / stylist : Izabelle Annet

production : CHARBON/TU YING ltd./Cie LCG

more about the team here


Associated project FRENCH MAY 2016

in french with english subtitles


Show starts at 8.30pm (duration 65mn) / BOOK here

This adaptation of Bégaudeau’s novel emphasises the solitary figure of a man who summons an imaginary public - in a way, the court of its consciousness- allowing him to relive the painful episode of a separation. We are not in a cloakroom of a stadium but in a mental space where the complex path of the character’s thought unfolds and where he develops an imaginary communication with the ghost of the one he once loved and lost. Alone on his stool, a mug in his hand, he addresses his television screen which vomits non-stop images of a sick society, glorifying its winners and finishing its losers, and from  which appear at times under its hallucinated look the face and the voice of beloved Julie. It is a " man of system " because he is afraid of his violence, but also by political conviction. So he speaks continuously: the system contains the violence and transforms it into project of play.

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3~7 May 2016 2016, 8.30pm

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