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"I was born in Switzerland, very quietly, the umbilical cord around the neck, the mountains and the forests for godmothers. In the Parisian subway, I met my husband, proof that the most romantic things still happen. 

Otherwise, a heap of dreadful and wonderful things happened in my life, as in that of everybody. 

And that's what I draw : the wonderful and the dreadful things of life. "
Emmanuelle Houdard



Personal exhibitions

2015 La Soupe de l'Espace, Hyères (France)

2014 Le Bocal, Lyon (France) 

2013 La Manufacture Parisienne, Paris (France) 

2013 Illust Euro, Osaka (Japan) 

2013 Center André François, Margny-Lès-Compiègne (France)

2010 L’imagigraphe, Arts Factory, Paris (France) 

2008 Library of Bobigny (France)

2008 Gallery of the Graphic Arts, Paris (France) 

2003 L’Ile Lettrée, Paris (France)


Collective exhibitions

2013 Gallery Lavigne Bastille, Arts Factory, Paris (France)

2013 Opened doors for the artists, Montmartre (France)

2009 Gallery Grande Fontaine (Switzerland) 

2008 " Trip of table " Gallery Sévigné, Paris (France)

2004 Opened doors for the artists, Montmartre (France)

Numerous school meetings in France, in Switzerland and in Italy

Interview about GARDE ROBE & SALTIMBANQUES  (french)

Opening cocktail reception 10 December 2015   6.00pm~9.00pm
Costume parade 7.00pm    Book signature 7.30pm

Workshop "My ShelterCoat" on 12 & 13 December details here



"Ma Mère"  "Garde Robe" drawings & Costumes exhibition

10 December 2015, 6 February 2016

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